Tuesday, July 5, 2016

OpenOffice for iPad Beta Version Released

I'm happy to announce that OpenOffice for iPad beta version is released.

The OpenOffice for iPad is optimized to iOS user interface.

Message Box

For example, the message box is system UI.


The buttons "OK" and "Cancel" in the dialogs are moved to system navigation bar.
And the dialogs which have tabs are hierarchized and listed screens in the first screen and show screens in the the second screen.


The beta version is available to:

  • Create/Open/Edit Writer documents
  • Create/Open/Edit Calc documents
  • Create/Open/Edit Impress documents
  • Create/Open/Edit Draw documents
  • Create/Open/Edit Math documents


The beta version is limited to:

  • Not supported Japanese inputting and short cut command
  • Not supported gestures (Pinch in/out, document scrolling)
  • Not supported picking pictures from user's album
  • Not supported clipboard
  • Not supported printing

These will be supported in the release version.

If you want to test beta version, please register your information from below form.

Update: This beta testing was closed.

Please note below requirements for testing.

Beta Testing Requirements:
iPad mini 2+ or iPad Air+
iOS version 9.0+

Follow informations:

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